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AOCE is affiliated to Alpha & Omega Engineering Pte. Ltd. With our worker in the construction line since 1999 we are equipped with the proper skills in installation and dismantling this allow us to continue providing Quality jobs to all our clients.

With the new add-on in our skills we will be able to help with troubleshooting your old Sound System and CCTV system to designing a new one.

About AOCE

Flying Birds


(Acquire the skills and knowledge)


(Optimise the uses of the skills and knowledge we acquire)


(Creating Opportunities to showcase our knowledge to our customer)


(Executing our work with Quality standard)


3D Geometric Shapes







Our Motto

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Creating a Safe and Secured environment to our customer.

Our Goal

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-AOCE have our own worker which allow us to control the quality of work delivered to our clients.

-AOCE don’t take shortcuts in all our project.

-AOCE cherish every feedback and will work to provide quality work in all aspect.

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